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Following are some of the responses I've received regarding my video program "Italic Rhythm to Polyrhythm, Expanding Writing Dynamics".



In a single afternoon, I learned more about writing the Italic hand than I have in whole courses on it! I'm so glad I went ahead and ordered the entire project, as practicing calligraphy definitely helps brush strokes in watercolor, and even acrylics.
Mary Manning, Nevada/Utah USA

Mr. Denis Brown, I will get to the point: your new DVD program/package is awesome. Thank you so much for sending me one. The program, we KNOW is informative & everything I wrote in the forward. However, this is a wonderful package, so carefully and lovingly put together. Folks, you are getting Denis work in your hands when you receive one of these packages. I am impressed (and grateful). Another milestone for calligraphy.
John Stevens, NC USA, internationally known calligraphy master

I couldn't agree more with John's words. Like John I am happy and honored to be featured and mentioned within the set, and I am grateful to Denis for sending me a copy of the finished product. Besides the ground breaking multi-video program itself, produced entirely by Denis as writer, artist, videographer, actor, even composer, the packaging itself is the concluding piece of Denis' art and design, which he even hand printed, folded and assembled all by himself. Bravo.
Julian Waters, internationally known calligraphy master

Yes, yes and YES.
Response to above by Yves Leterme, internationally acclaimed calligrapher from Belgium.


Thanks for all of your years of toil and learning to become a "natural calligrapher" rather than the typical stilted calligrapher who simply writes in a memorized script only and the beauty never quite comes out.
Don Tate, TX USA


...saying that 'I am thrilled' with it, seems a mighty understatement ! I can see you really have put your heart and soul into every single frame, so I really thank you from the bottom of my heart, for that part of your soul which you are passing on so completely and so generously to people like myself all over the world. I look forward to delving and studying with the DVDs, I think for the rest of my life!!
Having attended a couple of workshops on your trips to 'Oz', it really IS like having you in the room next to me. The demonstrations you do, cover all the nitty gritty bits on each letter, everything I need to know about every letter, you explain, without being asked !!......... AND, I can get 'you' to repeat it over and over and over again if I wish.........wonderful !
Sue Zanker, Queensland, Australia



online educational calligraphy video

The original edition of the DVD set remains a collectors item.
The program is now available online via password access after purchasing.


I just skimmed through the content of the first DVD, which is absolutely amazing. Finally a calligraphy teacher who clearly demonstrates and explains exactly what he's doing, step by step , without pretending that others "steal with their eyes"!!! Thank you for your excellent work and dedication.

Laura Bravar, Italy


It is your masterpiece, Denis, and your gift to us all that will impact calligraphy for generations to come.
Harvest Coffey Crittenden, MI USA, Master Penman


The best thing to happen in calligraphy since the Book of Kells
Rhonda Ayliffe, NSW Australia


For those of you who have been contemplating on whether to jump in on the action and purchase Denis' super DVD set all i can say is 'just do it'….
He is so articulate and his teaching skills so superior, that there is no way that you can go wrong. and to add to that, the quality of the videos incorporated with the music compositions are awesome. you will learn so much from this master. for many years i have wanted to take a workshop with Denis but my schedule has never permitted that. i am so grateful that Denis has put together this amazing program because it is the next best thing to being right there with him in a workshop
Louis Lemoine, California USA


...outstanding DVDs. They are way above all expectations and I enjoyed every minute of all the chapters. Also the music parts are great.
Reinhard Frauenfelder, Switzerland


Wow. I just rec'd your video program. It arrived in perfect condition, and looks amazing! The content is excellent. You really outdid yourself with the production and attention to all the little details. Superb value and thank you so much for taking this one on.
Sherry Woolgar, Canada



Italic Rhythm to Polyrhythm: Expanding Writing Dynamics




You can see and feel that you've put your heart and soul in it. It's so beautifully made... And the DVD is amazing. I'm so happy with it. This was the best present I could buy for myself :-)
A big thanks for all the work you've put in making these DVDs and spreading all this knowledge. It's like having your private teacher at home, one that you can rewind, playback, pause... and one that don't get bored demonstrating the same thing hundreds of times....
Now I can start to practice, practice, practice....
Natalie Derese, Belgium


Just wanted to let you know that the DVD package arrived safely. I don't think I have ever received a shipment that has been so carefully and thoughtfully presented. It was like unwrapping a gift. Thank you so much for all of the care and attention you have shown to every detail of this project. It teaches me on so many levels and it is one of the best calligraphic investments I have ever made.
Heather Victoria Held, Ontario, Canada


I hardly could stop looking at the wonderful work which came by post today.
What a huge present this is to all Calligraphers.
Ursula Schröder-Höch, Germany


It was like Christmas. Yesterday I received your parcel. Great!!! … the best explanations I ever had.
Helga Palmié, Germany


…the quality of the ideas, the teaching and the production are all outstanding. I shall enjoy attempting to master the various sections though it may take many years of enjoyable struggle….
Barbara Alldred, UK


I highly recommend it. …The program to me is inspiring and I am going to enjoy delving into the depths of fundamental lettering, layering, manipulation, gestures in letter forms and much more. It is obvious from the get-go that Denis Brown is passionate about his work and excited about passing on his knowledge enthusiastically.
Gemma Black, Australia


I have 3 kids and work part-time, so my time available to dedicate to Calligraphy is limited at best. So to have this type of set-up to learn from you is perfect for my situation. As soon as the younger kids are in college, I plan to do much more, but in the mean time, I can learn at my own pace. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Mary Kloha, California, USA


Your presentation of the materials is amazing. You have seen to every
detail and it's a joy to behold. I'm still in awe.
Norma McKenzie, MA USA




Italic Rhythm to Polyrhythm: Expanding Writing Dynamics





Always thinking of Denis Brown and his amazing advances with the rhythm and power of music in his own creations. Denis continues to be my modern hero as I continue to draw inspiration and illumination from the past.
Anne Sheedy Gardner
, Musician and Calligrapher, Nebraska USA


To ride waves of inspiration while studying essentials and learning valuable new insights is a great gift. We are all indebted to you for this! On a personal level, I thank you again for extending your invitation to embrace new challenges with gusto!
Anne Sheedy Gardner (another comment from Anne, months earlier)


The realm that Denis Brown has opened to me and to so many others is, in my opinion, a brand new one. I often am on the verge of tears when I look closely at the images he shares of his ongoing work. Denis is a genius, in my opinion. He is like a modern Beethoven to me, someone who loves and breathes the world of Bach but is blazing new trails and taking us to new realms never before encountered.
Anne Sheedy Gardner, (Yet another kind comment from Ann), Musician and Calligrapher, Nebraska


That movement from form to freedom is exactly where I want to go with my attempts at calligraphy. I really appreciate your generosity in sharing so much of what you have learned. I am also happy to be a supporter of such a great project. I am actually a musician myself, so I resonate with the musical analogies that you draw throughout your presentation.
Margaret Daly-Denton, Ireland


This is just the thing I needed to energize my hand and start moving beyond the boring, generic, formal calligraphy that I have been doing since I was a teenager.
Rod Torrez, NM USA


OMG, the upstroke on the bowl of your first "g" sent me through the roof!!!! ……..Thank you, Denis, for being so frank, so transparent, and so right on. This is the perfect venue for me.
Tammi Jo , Colorado, USA


Denis and I have overlapped in an unpredictable, yet joyous way: interest in music. His tech prowess (which is 1/2 of what makes his program so valuable) is used to clarify complex aspects of calligraphy and share his considerable knowledge. His work speaks for itself, but the refinements he is adding to the DVD project makes this such a valuable tool for learning calligraphy and an inspiration to do likewise.
John Stevens, NC USA, internationally known calligraphy master


Denis, ...spent my first hour with your program....I love the dance...but, moreover, I am delighted with the nuances I am seeing in a new light. Splendid. This will be so beneficial as I teach basic letterforms.
Connie Fergason, Canada


Certainly, I will never attain your level of mastery, but I can recognize through you what is possible, and it's both exciting and painful -- in the best way -- to know it's there…. You did for me what the best kind of teaching does: you awakened my desire.
Laura Capp, Iowa USA



Thank you all!

Denis Brown

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Denis Brown
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