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Calligraphy films by leading artist/calligrapher Denis Brown.
The online calligraphy masterclass "Italic Rhythm to Polyrhythmic Calligraphy: Expanding Writing Dynamics" has 9 hours of video tutorials and inspiring demonstrations. Full details below.

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C O M M E N T A R Y   B Y   D E N I S   B R O W N

The program offers advanced training along with fundamental knowledge. Primarily for calligraphers of intermediate and advanced level, those with less experience may yet find it inspiring as long as they realize some content will beyond their level for now. In fact, all levels may find this a healthy view to keep.

My pen techniques are all demonstrated and discussed in detail. I didn't learn them overnight, and it will take serious students a long time to absorb the content into their own practice. Nonetheless, inspiration and learning may begin immediately. Those lacking time to commit to regular practice may still find the program informative and inspiring.

My way of calligraphy involves a clear understanding of formal principles, while form may be modulated by energetic gestures in writing. Having taught in many countries over the years, I've been accredited as one who communicates clearly and passionately. My program aims to enable you to develop more freedom and simultaneously more control in your calligraphy. However, to achieve this will take work. I emphasize the importance of enjoying your practice - not to get hung up on mistakes but to rejoice in every small advance. Your aim should not be to be able do as I do right away, but to gradually improve what you do, as you are able and one step at a time.




Italic Rhythm to Polyrhythm: Expanding Writing Dynamics




The program begins with two modules on an italic hand. These have 2.5 hours of video lectures and demonstrations, broken down into short movies on various aspects. Later modules get more experimental and artistic. There are six modules totaling over nine hours of video.

The italic style is a particularly narrow form with energetic strokes and advanced pen manipulations, intended to contrast well with wide forms incorporated in a later module to create "polyrhythmic calligraphy". Large nib-size demonstrations are filmed in close detail to appear larger than life-size on-screen. The "Italic: Theory and Practice" module features 15 short video lectures including general principles that apply to all styles of italic. Movies demonstrating each letter of the alphabet are featured in the "Italic Alphabet Demonstrations" module. Italic capitals are beyond the scope of the program, though "Wild Swash Capitals"  are featured in the module called "Freeing the Rhythm".

Modules following the two italic modules include:
Freeing the Rhythm
Variation and swing
Get Polyrhythmic!
Adding secondary rhythms
Layering for Polyrhythms
Writing on top of writing
Further Inspiration
Guest Artist Calligraphers and bonus material
This last module features Sheila and Julian Waters, Hans-Joachim Burgert, Thomas Ingmire, Brody Neuenschwander, John Stevens and Yves Leterme; plus an hour long bonus featuring documenting every stage of Denis Brown making a 9 foot long work of expressive calligraphy.



You can navigate the full chapter listing for each module by clicking the "MEMBERS" button in the top navigation bar, or click here (page will open in a new window)



Thank you for considering to support this incentive; an individual, self-funded work of passion as distinct from a corporate venture.

Denis Brown
Dublin, Ireland.
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