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Italic Rhythm to Polyrhythmic Calligraphy
Expanding Writing Dynamics

Educational Calligraphy Video Program with over 9 hours of calligraphy tutorials and inspiring presentations. Bonus: 4.5 additional hours of HD video now included with the calligraphy documentary Western Calligraphy Goes East.

Program synopsis

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US $55
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to 9 hours of video content, with guide-sheets available as PDF files you can print for personal use.


S Y N O P S I S   O F   T H E   P R O G R A M


1. Compressed Italic: Alphabet Demonstrations
Calligraphy alphabet demonstrations of a lower-case italic alphabet. An advanced pen manipulated italic featuring energetic strokes.

Over 70 minutes of calligraphy videos.


2. Compressed Italic: Theory and Practice
Video lectures and slide-shows along with suggested exercises to help you understand principles rather than just copy forms in the calligraphy alphabet demonstration movies. An important supplement to the Italic alphabet module.

79 minutes of calligraphy videos.


3. Freeing the Rhythm: Variation & Swing 
Advanced exercises to liven the italic with increased dynamics and a freer interpretation of rhythmic principles outlined in the
Italic Theory & Practice module. These techniques will challenge even highly experienced calligraphers although all levels may be thrilled just watching the live video demonstrations, and picking up useful information without feeling need to master all that is presented.
108 minutes of video.


4. Polyrhythmic Calligraphy: Expanding Writing Dynamics
Further expanding the dynamics of the italic module by incorporating complementary rhythms. Videos here bring the discourse of rhythm in calligraphy to a new high level. Inspirational demonstrations of avant-garde calligraphy interspersed with clearly explained formal principles. An avant-garde aspect of calligraphy today.

109 minutes of video.


5. Layering: Writing on top of Writing 
Developing more complex polyrhythmic calligraphy with multiple layers of writing overlapping and interacting. The module incorporates a theory developed from music, where for example multiple voices in a choir can enrich and multiply the sound. Denis Brown gives thrilling demonstrations in media including wet paper, translucent film, and glass; and invites you to 'play' in the musical sense of the word.
Over 73 minutes of video.


6. Further Inspiration: Guest Artist Calligraphers & Bonus Material
Featuring artists who have contributed to Denis Brown's ideas on calligraphy &/or have made significant and comparable work of their own. Denis presents dynamic slide presentations discussing and analyzing work of other leading calligraphers. Featuring
Sheila and Julian Waters, Hans-Joachim Burgert, Thomas Ingmire, Brody Neuenschwander, John Stevens and Yves Leterme
Over an hour of featured guest videos.
Plus: This module also includes bonus material: a 70 minute program documenting Denis Brown making a very large work of experimental calligraphy and showing his experimental gilding techniques amongst a wide range of other processes.
Over two hours in total in this module.





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